RIAA Independently-Tested Watermarks

“A digital watermark is digital data that can be embedded into all forms of media content, including digital images, audio, video and even certain objects. Special software is available for embedding imperceptible information via subtle changes to the data of the original digital content. Digital watermarks can be easily detected and read by computers, networks and a variety of digital devices, validating the original content and/or initiating actions.”

-Digital Watermarking Alliance


When you send your digital music files to Ezee Studios to be watermarked, you’re taking the best measure possible to ensure that pre-released tracks will not be distributed and shared over the Internet. Each CD or digital file carries a unique ID that identifies the intended recipient, thus allowing any leaked tracks to be traced back to the responsible party. Ezee has been successfully protecting pre-release music through the use of watermarks going back to Linkin Park’s 2003 release of “Meteora” - there were no leaks prior to the release of the album.


To watermark digital files, Ezee uses Media Science International’s MSI CopyControl for CDR’s and MSI’s StudioCDN for the secure distribution of digital music files. StudioCDN quickly and easily watermarks WAV and MP3 files. Those files are then distributed to specified parties for either streaming only or for streaming and downloading.


The metadata associated with each watermark, whether it is from a CD or a digital file, is stored on the MSI Global Database for subsequent tracking and detection.


For more information about how Ezee can digitally watermark audio files using MSI CopyControl or StudioCDN, please contact them at info@ezeestudios.com.